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Deep dives on eCommerce, payments and fraud
Deep dives on eCommerce, payments and fraud
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About us

Payments Review provides an independent voice for the community of payments professionals. Its mission is to be a forum where industry leaders and practitioners can come to gather to share knowledge and gain insight from one another.

The publication was co-founded by the same team behind Merchant Fraud Journal, where the successful community-driven model has created a unique resource that companies and merchants of all sizes, from SMBs to the enterprise, turn to for unique, unbiased information and advice.

Payments is an industry full of quality publications following traditional media models. However, there is noplace for the community to exchange ideas easily. 

Payments Review seeks to be that space by providing unbiased conversations with industry leaders, facilitating discussion, providing news analysis, and publishing curated editorial content. Our goal is to help connect the companies that need efficient and safe payments with the professionals that can provide the expertise needed to make it happen.

Payments Review encourages SMBs, enterprise companies, and payments professionals to submit content about the tools, procedures, and innovation driving the payments ecosystem. To be a part of the conversation join our community and get access to exclusive content and build your network.

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